We Need Your Help

We are a family charity that helps families in Tonga.  We will introduce ourselves formally when you make contact with us (our privacy is as important as yours.)

Normally the help we offer is minor like buying mattresses, paying for school fees, or buying refrigerators, etc.  Our biggest project involved fundraising for, and building a small home.  Now, we feel moved to contribute to more serious and needed help including building and repairing homes.  Cyclone Gita truly devastated Tonga, and this is evident by going to Google Images and searching for:  “Cyclone Gita” Tonga

How we got started (2010)

We found out that a family was living in a leaking and unsafe traditional Tongan thatch house (fale Tonga).  We expressed our interest to friends, families and Churches that we want to raise funds to build a small two bedroom concrete-block home that could protect that family from any future cyclone or earthquake.  Before having a house they did all their living outside, including food preparation, cooking, and washing and toileting under a makeshift shelter.




The house was finished several years ago, and it recently weathered Tropical Cyclone Gita, keeping people safe and protected from the vicious storm.  This has inspired us to repair damaged houses and rebuild houses that were lost.

If you donate, every dollar will be proven as spent well.

With the experience of the above in mind, we have determined to repair damaged homes and build new houses by using this process:

  1. Determine the exact scale, Scope and need for each Project.  If we find a house whose family has no means to build a new roof, we will find out exactly how much to build the roof and do that job only.
  2. Find the best Quote from known and reputable Builders for the entire build.
  3. Source materials at the best possible value from established businesses in Tonga such as South Pac, Hua Sheng, Tonga Timber, and others.
  4. Purchase all the materials, keeping all receipts.  Below we show sample receipts of the above build.  At the end of the build we are able to tally up every receipt and show that the expenditure exactly matches the amount that was first quoted, and then donated towards.
  5. Manage the building process ensuring the highest quality is maintained.  We want whatever work we do to have a genuine and lasting benefit.
  6. When complete, Review and Report on all expenditure.  If you Donate to a project you will be kept updated with photos of progress, as well as a PDF report that has a financial report including all scans of donations and receipts.



Planned Projects

Project #1 – Rebuild a damaged one bedroom house at Ha’alalo

This house was previously built as part of a community charity of the Catholic Church in Tonga, but it was severely damaged by the cyclone.  We intend to build one that will survive any future cyclone.

Before Cyclone:

After Cyclone:

This house needs urgent repair now.

Project #2 – Build a house at Vaini

This is to replace a Tongan thatch house that was blown away.  The family is currently living under tarpaulins.

(Photos coming)

Project #3 – Finish a house at Lapaha

This house survived Cyclone Gita and was obviously very-well built.
Multiple families sought refuge in this house and survived the cyclone, while other houses nearby were lost.  People are now living in this house as they have nowhere else to go.  The plan is to finish the shower and toilet and enclose it so it becomes part of the house.  In this way families will have proper showering and toileting facilities for hygiene.


Once these are done, we will move on to new Projects.  If you know of a family in genuine need on Tongatapu or ‘Eua, please let us know also.

How to Donate

Please pick one of the above three Projects and let us know which one you would like to support.  Simply visit the Contact form, complete your details and we’ll let you know how to help.  In Australia you may also phone +61428645167.


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